Friday, September 30, 2011

Hungry? For cakes and all things pretty?

When I was a kid, I loved opening presents. Okay, so I still love opening gifts. Who doesn't? I often find that cakes are packed in horribly drab boxes. Well, I think cakes and bakes deserve the same excitement, when you open them up. Pretty little packages makes me super happy. So here is my cake box. What do you think?
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Amma!!

 It's my mother's birthday. She is away spending her first birthday with her granddaughter. My mother is the most beautiful person on earth and I am absolutely in love with her. Coincidentally she was the first person who taught me to bake.
   Once, in Lagos, my second grade teacher was organizing a Christmas party. She was allotting who had to get what for the party. The smarter children in my class put their hands up for potato chips and cucumber sandwiches (their mothers would have been so proud about their children picking up reasonable, hassle free party foods). But Sandhya Sethumadhavan loved her mother's cakes. Those days there weren't many nice bakeries in Lagos and Amma usually made our birthday cakes. I loved looking at the pictures Amma had taken of all the cakes she had baked. She made my brother a Batman cake for one of his birthdays. You really can't get cooler than that. So yes, when my teacher asked who would get cake, I immediately bounced up and down. During lunch time, the kids in my class ran up to me, they wanted to know if the stories they heard were true, did my mother actually once make a Batman cake for my brother? I nodded and grinned. They were so excited. I felt like I was the daughter of a celebrity. They all asked what kind of cake I'd get for the party. I thought a bit and said that it would be a snowman cake.  When I got back home, I threw my bag down ran to my Amma and after a long hug I began to explain what happened in school. Amma was not too pleased with my choice of party food. She could not understand why I could not have put my hand up for something a little more realistic. But my Amma being my Amma, had to make her silly daughter happy and so she got busy in the kitchen. After the cakes were baked she popped them over with ease, made the frosting, and propped me up on the kitchen counter. I watched her as she iced my snowman cake. I remember thinking about the surprise on everyone's face when they see the cake the next day! How happy I was! We took a picture of the cake. Sadly I can't seem to find it now. But it was the prettiest snowman cake in the whole world.
    I love my mother. She made everything so much easier to handle. She never let me down, even when I went to her with my silly whims and fancies (and ideas of a snowman cake). I know all of us, my Acha, Etta, Chechi, Nonu and I are super proud to have her in our lives. We love you Amma!
    Baked a cake for her today. Acha and I even sang out loud as we cut the cake. It's a mile high eggless moist chocolate cake with homemade strawberry preserve and whipped cream.

Let me know when you want yours! Open for orders :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cream and Cake

   Some people love cakes with frosting and some don't. I personally think frosting makes cakes pretty. When you can have icing then why do without? How lovely it is to smooth snow white cream over dark moist chocolate. The contrast is startlingly delicious. How I love thick decadent chocolate ribbons scattered over the top of a cake. For all those things pretty and delicious. For those who love frosting. 
   I was really stressed out and tired today. But then again there are prettier things to focus on. Life is gorgeous and I am happy.
    I was missing my niece, my mother, my brother and my sister a lot today. I remembered the day my family and I drove around with our little angel fast asleep in her mother's arms. As my brother drove, the song "While you were sleeping," by Elvis Perkins played in the background. We all knew the song was meant for Nonu. We all were happy. Life could not get any better.

While you were sleeping
the babies grew
the stars shined and the shadows moved
time flew, the phone rang
there was a silence when the kitchen sang
its songs competed like kids for space
we stared for hours in our maker's face
they gave us picks
said go mine the sun
and gold and come back when you're done
while you were sleeping
you tossed, you turned
you rolled your eyes as the world burned
the heavens fell, the earth quaked
i thought you must be, but you weren't awake
no, you were sleeping
you ignored the sun
you grew your power garden
for your little ones
and you found brides for them on christmas eve
they hung young cain from the adam trees
and danced
while you were sleeping
I tossed and I turned
till I closed my eyes
but the future burned
through the planet turned a hair gray
as i relived the day
while you were sleeping
the money died
machines were harmless and the earth sighed
through the wind you slept sound
and gravity caught my love around
the ocean rose, sang about decay
while witches flew
and the mermaids stayed
full of dreams, you overslept
and keeping with quiet, through the walls i crept
i walked on tiptoe, sent darkness swirling over all the kitchen in the early morning
i'll never catch up to you
who sleeps so sound
my arms are useless
my heart beats too loud to go to sleep
my mind's too crowded
while you were sleeping
the time changed
all your things were rearranged
your vampire mirrors face to face
they saw forever out into space
and found you dreaming in black and white
while it rained in all the colors of the night
I watched the tv
vanished to sea
could it be, my honey between you and me
so I waited for the riddled sky
to dissolve again by sunrise
and i've made a death suit for life
for my father's ill widowed wife
did you have that strangest dream before you woke
cos in your gown you had the butterfly stroke
did it escape you like some half told joke?
when you reached for your plume of smoke