Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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 OOOOOOOoooh! The love!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Dream Within a Dream

I am now selling paintings! The paintings are on paper (22"*35") and are affordably priced. I will post pictures of them as soon as I finish each piece. I hope you like this series. I changed the style on this particular piece; it is a pencil sketch that has been washed by acrylic paints. It was inspired by line from one of my favorite poems, 'A Dream Within A Dream."
All that we see or seem 
Is but a dream within a dream. -Edgar Allen Poe

Monday, April 9, 2012

Magic Balloon!!

Life has been a tad bit hectic, but who's complaining? Life really could not have gotten any better. The book that I illustrated a while back is finally out, and for some reason it feels like things are only going to get better. I am going to keep this post nice and short... So here it is, as promised, pictures of my latest book.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Love, Sunshine, Oranges and Doodles!!!

I know, I have not posted in a very long time and I apologise for not doing so. Life has been awfully busy. I have been working on way too many things at the same time. I am happy to say that I am enjoying every moment of my life.  I realized that the last few blog posts I put up were very distant and not very personal. I suppose I needed to back away for a bit before expressing myself. There were ups and downs but I think I have finally found stability within all the chaos. I am lucky to have my family support me through everything and I am fortunate to have friends who inspire me and make me stronger. 
   The world is small and sometimes you are scared of how people perceive you. I lived in absolute fear of what people thought of me. It is difficult to go through every single day worrying about what people say about you or what they think of your situation. Sometimes it bogs you down so much that you can hardly function. It is funny how it is so easy to make a judgement and how simple it is to believe that the judgement is the truth. I went through days when I did not want to wake up, everything felt quite meaningless. There was no real reason to be happy but the only thing that kept me going was my love for baking, blogging and more than anything there was the hope that you would be reading my blog. Thank you for being with me every step of the way. My blog posts were usually oozing with happiness even on the darkest of days. I think it was because I was honestly scared to tell anyone that I was unhappy. Isn't it ironic, when I was sad, I used to push myself to prove that I was happy and now when I am actually happy, I am scared of what people will think of my new found love for life.  I suppose it is hard to really enjoy life if you constantly worry about what people think of you. The thing is that, to each person their problems are the heaviest. No matter how small or big the issue is, when it is your issue, it just feels like it weighs heavier upon your shoulders and no one will ever really understand. When you feel like your world is falling apart the best thing you can ever do for yourself is stay strong, stay calm, love yourself and live like there is no tomorrow. After spending every single day worrying, I came to realize that I honestly needed to love myself first. There will be a million, gazillion things that people say, that may hurt you and make you doubt yourself. The only thing one can really do is to be true to oneself. Trust! At the end of the day, half of the people who make you feel bad about yourself don't really matter. Surround yourself with family and friends who really love you for who you are, people who believe in you. People who make you want to wake up every morning and make them proud. I am lucky to have my loved ones help me through this journey.  If you feel like you don't have anyone to listen to you or if you feel low, you know you have me, give me  a call, if you need to talk or if you just need a cake to make your day better. Life is too short to stay unhappy. Do whatever it takes to keep your mind from worrying. I worry all the time and I do my best to keep myself occupied so that my brain doesn't wander. That is why I bake, draw,work and head out with my family and friends. Trust me, there is no problem too big, even when the world crumbles down to your feet, there will be at least one surviving slice of cake somewhere to keep you happy as a bunny. Wait are bunnies really that happy? 


I thought I'd do a recipe entry since I haven't done that in AGES!
I made orange sunshine cake today with a strawberry honey glaze. Yummy! It is a soft dense cake with this bright, fresh taste of oranges. My Acha fell in love with it and I hope you do too. It's one of those cakes that come out perfect every time! If you try it let me know if it came out well... :)

For the cake:
Rind of one orange
Juice of one orange
160gms Butter
160gms Flour
160gms Sugar
2 eggs
2tsps Vanilla essence
2 tbs honey
For the glaze:
4tbs honey
10 small strawberries halved
(1-2tsps lemon juice optional)


  •  Melt the butter

  •  Add the powdered sugar

  •  Cream the sugar and the butter

  •  Add the eggs and Vanilla essence 

  •  Add the flour and mix well

  •  Add the honey

  •  Then combine the orange rind

  •  Add the orange juice. Mix the batter well and spoon the thick batter into a small loaf tin and bake at 160 degrees Celsius.  It took about 45 mins to bake but always do the fork test to see if the cake is done before pulling the cake out of the oven.

  •  For the strawberry glaze, I mixed the strawberries with the honey and orange juice, in a pan over a low flame. Once the the mixture begins to bubble and thicken take it off the flame and let the mixture cool. Don't let it thicken too much as it might become more like toffee than a glaze.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Dazzle, Gingerbread, Chocolate and Strawberries

Here is the latest cake from Hungry. Its a strawberry and cream layered chocolate cake, covered in white fondant, with gingerbread cookies, white self design, with the glam of champaign and dark violet crystals. Oh and lets not forget the chocolate coated strawberries at the bottom!  I am totally in love with this new one. More over, the smell of cinnamon and spice from the cookies just makes this cake super festive. A cake full of love! Hope you like it :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lots of Love in a Happy Little Cupcake

I love making cupcakes. It's the happiest feeling ever. This is a batch of my new flavour; it's a chocolate chip cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting. I sprinkled it with homemade chocolate flowers, sugar sprinkles and a whole lot of love. Hope you like it.