Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Because our lives are like fairytales



I love fairytales. When Shilo asked me if I wanted to share a stall with her at Kitsch Mandi this Sunday, all I really was thinking about in my head were fairytale princesses. I decided to make a bunch of postcards and posters with the theme 'Fairytale Princesses.' I have changed my style a lot. These are slightly more time consuming and don't look anything like my previous work. Its funny but you can see my style change progressively from the frog princess to princess Jasmin.
I will also be selling 'Painted Cupcakes'  . Hope to see you for Kitsch Mandi at 'Pebbles' on Sunday the 26th of June. Love love love!


  1. WOW.. Ammu this is beauuutiful work.. I wish we were here in towwwwwn on Sunday :( we'd have been your definite customers! Click tons of pics of Sunday and all th best for all the success. :)
    Love from me and Prasad.

  2. Cant wait to make a purchase!! :) very very beauteous!

  3. hey sandhya,

    Amazing work..!!!

    Charu Sikaria

  4. Sandy these are so beautiful to look at it hurts.
    See you tomorrow.