Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Ma & Happy Anniversary Amma & Acha!

 I often feel left out when it's time for family get-togethers but we both tend to miss home more so during times of celebration. I wasn't there for Ma's birthday nor could I be there for Amma and Acha's wedding anniversary. I missed both occasions and felt a little sad that we could not celebrate with them. So, today I decided to surprise all of them with a special cake. It was a white chocolate and apricot cream cake. There was a total of six layers. and it was the first time I made a two-tier cake. I was really excited as it was the first time I made flowers and leaves with royal icing and fondant. The cake tasted really good and it was fun because we got all our family to sit in front of the webcam as we cut the cake for them. It all sounds very silly, but trust me, when you're far away from home and miss all the special occasions anything that makes you feel closer to your loved ones makes a lot of sense. In a way it makes your day because you feel like you are a part of an occasion.  I'm sorry I'm unable to post the recipe of this cake because I have been in the kitchen for 3 hours creating this thing and towards the end I stopped taking pictures of the process; I'm really sorry about that. Anyway, this is the cake, and I hope you'll like it!


  1. Ammu,the postcard with the various pictures looks so pretty and I love the picture of you too. :-)
    I'm sure everyone was thrilled to bits.

  2. You are so special and so are your creations!

  3. The cake looks divine> And what a wonderful way of celebrating both events.
    What painstaking effort to create a visual and culinary treat-Hats off to you!

  4. you are AWESOME..!!
    it looks heavenly.. especially the way you arranged the flowers.. :)

  5. Oh my God! It IS the prettiest cake i have ever seen (and by the looks of it, maybe even the yummiest!) :D It looks divine! You brilliantly talented girl... the effort that must've gone into make it 'look' so beautiful is visible, to say the least!

  6. Morning I woke up with the terrible feeling that this time our wedding annivarsary is quite different without you! All these years it was you we used to see standing at our bedroom door with bed-tea on this day! You never allow Amma into the kitchen on this day and it was your breakfast and lunch that we look forward to!Well, you gave us the best Annivarary treat this year too! Great to see you both cutting the beautiful cake for us!
    The cake decorations is very beautiful!

  7. My everything!!!
    I was fighting my tears on my wedding anniversary, as I woke up to see a house without my Ammu, as you were always with us on this day since you were born!I truly missed your smiling face on that day!ya, not to mention the rest of pampering that follows..............
    But what the hell??you proved by the end of the day, you can make your close one feel special, even if you are on the other side of the world!Hope you become an inspiration to the rest of the kids of your age!!!God bless both of you..........

  8. That is a gorgeous cake Ammu!! Belated Anniversary Wishes from us for Uncle and Aunty.

  9. I just stumbled across your blog and every post makes me hungrier and hungrier. It looks so yumm!!
    Great work.

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