Tuesday, March 2, 2010

another day of snow.

It's snowing once again. It gets depressing when it snows so much. The best thing to do is cook and make myself feel better. Today I made some curried noodles and cucumber, pineapple salsa. Curried noodles is a good way to use all the vegetables that might go bad soon. I just chop everything up cook it in a pot with the remains and last drops of all the sauces in my pantry and added some eastern chicken masala to create some more confusion. I know it sounds like such a mess but it tasted great. Just a mix of all kinds of flavours. Just don't go too wild and add mayo or ranch to red wine vinaigrette. Make wise choices. For the salsa, chop some cucumbers, canned pineapples, chillies and mint. Then mix it all together with some lemon juice and chilli powder. Done!


  1. DEFINITELY GOINNG TO MAKE. I have lots of veggies calling out to me.
    Keep the spirits high Sandhya..
    Just a reader's suggestion.. :).. You can perhaps gradually you consider putting up some cooking videos.. you know.. of the things that might need demo.. like the consistencies.. or, the colors.. this is coming from the Cupcake recipe.. to be precise..
    Or else.. God Knows what I will end up with.. Some FatCake.. Surely not a cup.. LOL

  2. as strange as it sounds i actually remember the taste if the noodles you made with almond and olive oil and sesame seeds? right man...craving!!!!