Monday, March 15, 2010

Wonderland dining table!

I usually take a break from the kitchen during the weekend as I believe my stove and oven need a little time off. This weekend was a beautiful and well spent one. I used the time to dress up the dining table. Our dining table is fairly old; Sandeep bought it when he got his first apartment and it just had a million stains and looked fairly rundown. Since a new dining table would not fit in our budget, I decided to spend a small sum on fabric, pillow stuffing and ribbons to make this dull room look a tad bit interesting. My theme was the Mad Hatter, well that's what I thought. I didn't like the Alice in Wonderland movie so much but as a kid, I absolutely loved the book. There was this point in my life where I hated colour and always wore black, but now I can't get enough of colour and this room depicts exactly that. I believe the life is filled with problems, stress, tension and mundane colours are not really going to help with anything! Well that's what I did all weekend. Done!


  1. Ammu...............
    we loved the new work of art!!!I think if we are artistic, & we are prepared to work, nothing is impossible!
    I believe artist never have a favourite color, as every color mixed gives another interesting shade!!!
    Am sure, all your delicious food, would love to take a place on your beautiful dinning table, with such beautiful chairs in their bright custom made dresses looking admiringly at them!!Who wouldn't like attention from such beauties after all...............Love your are truly an inspiration!!!sky is the limit

  2. i absolutely love colours tooo ammu!!! which is why i loooove what youve done :D:D:D:D it looks soooo cuteeee!!! :D:D:D:D awesome job!!!(looove the pink one and the sashes!!!:D:D:D:D)

  3. That is so creative and beautiful! Kudos to you! :-))

  4. Fantabulous!!! love it:)

  5. soooooooo GORGEOUS!!! :D muahh .. love this!

  6. Ranji DharnmarajanApril 9, 2011 at 9:21 AM

    It is absolutely gorgeous colours Ammu. I love it. What a creative mind you have.
    Ranji aunty