Saturday, October 1, 2011

Butterflies :)

So I have an order for the cutest little thing. My friend Hari's niece is turning one next weekend and his sister wanted something different. So I was thinking of three tier cake with cupcakes all around. Here is the sample of the butterfly cupcakes. The cupcakes are not the same flavor as the ones I'll be using for the birthday, instead I tried creating my new flavor of cupcakes. It was inspired by my friend Shilo. Once when we were in Rajasthan, Shilo jumped excitedly out of our auto to buy a glass of rose milk. I loved the rose milk so much that I finished drinking the entire glass all by myself. Shilo always makes me look at the world through pretty rose tinted glasses hehe :) These cakes are super light and have a hint of rose and cream. I hope you like it! :) OOOOOOOoooh and I got my visiting cards from the printers. They messed it up. But well it happens, right? I am still excited about them.

 Another thing that made me super happy... I got this lovely box of homemade liquor chocolates yesterday! They were made by my friend, Priyanka Daga's childhood friend's mother...They are absolutely delicious! Thanks Saket!

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  1. sandhya its beautiful ..i so wish i could have one <3