Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh.My.God! Time for cupcakes!!

I had such an amazing day today! I got the new boxes for our cupcakes and cookies! I baked a batch of cupcake sampler boxes today. It had all our new flavors, including chocolate ganche, mocha with a cream center, coconut and honey, strawberry, mexican chocolate, and apple cinnamon with cinnamon cream cheese (to order you cupcakes call on us at +91-9945794281 or visit our Facebook Page).
 This evening I got to walk around brigade road. I haven't done that in a while and I had the most amazing people by my side and that's what made the walk super special. It could not have got any better, really. I was like a happy little kid, walking around, hugging and holding onto my boxes of cupcakes real tight. It was that perfect Bangalore weather. I ate momo's and hopped around puddles. I love that feeling when you walk down brigade road and walk past hundreds of people. You walk past so many strangers, so many faces; but in a strange way I always found that comforting. It's like walking by other stories, walking by other lives,  and getting a glimpse of it, from that moment of eye contact, from that bit of conversation you hear as they pass by.
   This time around my walk on Brigade road was slightly different for me though, I was not lost in thoughts of 'what if?' I was living the life I was born to live. I am alive and loving each moment of it. I am living my dream and nothing as looked this beautiful. So, this time as I walked by other's lives, I did not pause and wish I could walk in someone else's shoes. I will never swap this for anything. Yummy!

Love and Happiness!

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