Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hungry?'s new packaging and the new cake! :)

Chocolate Chocolate Cake (Sabu Cake): Moist dark chocolate cake with a thick layer of fudge and chocolate ganache on the top :). This cake is named after my best friend Sabina, for all those nights I got her on a sugar rush after eating chocolate cake; For all our 'scrub away' parties and for all the love we share. She is one of the most amazing people to walk this earth and I would be so lost without her because no one can really tolerate a girl singing 'like a rolling stone,' out loud,  while trying to cross a busy road. Love you Macheee Kuttiee :)


  1. Sorry could not get the cake last week, been out of town. But i NEED this cake, even if I am going to eat it alone !


  2. Wow Ammu.. These look OUTTA THE WORLD :D