Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mana Cupcakes!

So hey New flavor of cupcakes are out! My friend Mana once told me about Lindt Chili Chocolates and I have been addicted ever since! She suggested that I try making chili chocolate cupcakes one day and they became a massive hit. This is my chili chocolate with a twist and I am naming it after my lovely friend Mana.. (her name also happens to mean 'food from heaven.' Perfect!) Mana is not a very "frosting" person but she tried the cupcake and said that she loved it nonetheless... I hope you like it too.
The Mana Cupcake: Chili Chocolate with a Cream Center and a Dark Chocolate and Mint Frosting
In the background is the first sketch of the new "Hungry?" logo. OOOoooh the excitement!

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