Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy packages!!

Cake and package of the day :)

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  Amma is back! I missed her so much. When people come back after a trip, I usually get really excited because that means that I get to watch them unpack and wait for gifts! I love getting gifts! Who doesn't? I love waiting on the side of a large suitcase as all the lovely things come out; perfumes, chocolates and creams. So yummy! So my brother and sister sent me this amazing cake stand! I can't wait to use it to display my cupcakes! How fun! They also sent this amazing pack of chocolate and pepper cookies from The Lime Tree Cafe. Yes, Chocolate and pepper. It's absolutely amazing and the packaging is so pretty and simple. Amma got me some fun creams, lotions and this amazing hibiscus soap that smells so yummy! She also gave me heaps of Patchi chocolates that simply melt in the mouth. Yay! So happy!

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