Friday, February 19, 2010

cooking up some dinner

A few people seem to want the recipe for the custard pie (I'm so excited that people actually read my blog!). Well there is a reason why I did no put it up there. The pie was good but it had that hint of an eggy taste. I hate that aftertaste, according to me the taste of egg is the worst aftertaste and it can ruin a completely nice pie. .I made a simple little lettuce salad with oranges and pecans to start things up. I roasted some potatoes with some dried Chipotle chillies, a drizzle of olive oil and basil leaves (don't forget the salt). Then once they started browning I added some honey and let it all caramelise and melt into the potatoes. I then made my rendition of the Buffalo chicken. I basically powdered Dorittos (any tortilla chips) and then beat some eggs. I then dipped each of the chicken tenders into the beaten egg and coated them with the powdered chips. Then I baked the tenders at about 400 f for about 30 minutes or when they start to brown. For the sauce, I mixed some hot sauce (Tabasco/ Texas Pete) with some Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce (you can also use honey). I have made some cheesecake for dessert. But it is cooling in the fridge and I do not want to disturb it right now but I will post the recipe and pictures if it comes well (keep my fingers crossed). Oh, I almost forgot I also made ravioli with a salsa and mushroom sauce. To make this you just need to fry 2 chopped onions in a bit of olive oil; to this add 2 roasted bell peppers (chopped), 4 diced tomatoes, a pack of mushrooms and add some spicy peppers (according to taste). When the mushrooms are cooked add a drizzle of maple syrup or brown sugar. Don't forget the salt. Done!


  1. Hmmmm.... sounds and luks yummy... girl i read ur blog every day...:)

  2. Yum yummmm.. I louuuuuuuve the way Chicken looks! Can't wait to cook that :D

  3. And it was all fantastic! Thanks so much sandhya :D looking forward to some road trips soon ;)

  4. Thanks Anonymous:) I am glad you read my blog everyday. It means so much!
    Dee!! Congratulations once again! and please try the chicken it came out pretty well da :)
    Thanks so much Sreeja. Glad you guys came! Can't wait for the road trips!!! :D

  5. Hi ammu dear.congrats for the smooth transition from being a carefree little girl to a great .you have really inspired me to start experimenting with cooking again as I used to do as a young bride but some where along the way I lost it.....
    Your new house looks awesome...great pics also.
    srishti says hi

  6. God bless you Sandhya:) I am a great fan of you. much love xx