Saturday, February 13, 2010

Poached eggs melt in your mouth!

So This morning when we woke up, Sandeep and I were greeted with what looked like a cake with white fondant and american frosting. I am not used to seeing snow covered landscapes, so I bolted out of the bedroom to get a better look from my kitchen. In the process I almost slipped and fell; I could have cracked my jaw open. That sound that I imagine comes from cracking your jaw open freaks me out so bad. Ugh, so forget that. Well, I finally watched Julie and Julia last night and I am inspired (to say the very least). This morning I decided I'd start the day with some poached eggs with a lemon butter sauce and smoked salmon. I must say it tasted really good. Both Sandeep and I have never eaten poached eggs before, but I must say the experience was beautiful. The white melts in your mouth and the yellow tastes like rich and creamy butter. Ah, I feel peaceful and content, like a happy monkey.


  1. Oh Sandhya.. I was SOOOOO SOOOO inspired by this movie.. I just loved it toooo :D

  2. How i wish i was your neighbor;( hmmmm... so beautiful and I am hungry.....hope you are doing good......loved all the wedding pics..beautiful as always.....