Friday, February 26, 2010

Well, I just made some frittatas for lunch. Frittatas are more like fancy Italian omelettes. They are really simple to make and take about 20 minutes. All you have to do is take a nice big frying pan and grease it with olive oil. In a separate bowl beat about 6 eggs with some salt. Now add whatever you feel like into the bowl (quite literally). I added some spinach, some broccoli, a bit of red bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and some sesame seeds. You can really add just about anything to the eggs, bacon bits, shredded chicken, tomatoes, onions, shredded carrots; as I said , just about anything. Pour the mixture into a frying pan a with a metal handle or a shallow baking tin. Now, place the pan over heat for about 3 minutes. Once the 3 minutes are up, sprinkle some cheese on the mixture in the pan. At, this point you can also garish the top with sliced tomatoes, herbs or a drizzle of your favourite dressing. I added some cheese and generous amount of sesame, soy dressing over mine. Then pop the pan into the oven, the vegetables usually settle to the bottom and the egg fluffs and rises up creating this pretty quiche without a crust. This is something you can make at anytime of the day. Just mix the ingredients around and change it for each occasion.


  1. Hi:)

    For how long should it be in the oven and can all the pans be placed in the oven i know u mentioned metal handle but still wondering... i'm a dud in the kitchen:P

  2. it takes about 10-15 mins on 350f but to check it just pull it out and see if the sides have browned slightly and the centre is cooked and not "jiggly." If its not cooked yet pop it back in. I said a pan with a metal handle because well if it has a plastic handle then that might just melt in the oven and well in turn cause a fire hehe. But ya any pan with a metal handle or without a handle would be perfect. I hope that helps :) and no question is silly, so ask on :) I'll try and do my best to help you