Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally, food and paints!

Yesterday I was busy working on my painting and that is why I didn't post anything . I also made a turkey burger patty yesterday that I served on pumpernickel and a bed of lettuce, onions and tomatoes. To make the turkey patty I used about a 1 pound of turkey mince (you can use chicken) with a cup of whole wheat flour ( the flour is purely a binder so keep adding the whole wheat, a little at a time, till the meat is dry enough to create patties out of them. This would depend on how wet or dry the mince is), chilli powder, hot sauce, salt, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 egg and salt. I just mixed all the ingredients in and made small patties out of the dough like mixture. There was enough to make 8 patties. I made 4 small ones and refrigerated the rest for later. While grilling the patties drizzle the patties with some BBQ sauce, hot sauce and honey to give it some juice as it might dry out. That was quite simple and healthy. Now for the unhealthy dessert. I made this brownie fudge sundae. Which was just brownies and leftover chocolate topping from the day I made cheesecake, pecans and whipped cream. As I promised, it is not the healthiest dish but it was dreamy. Then comes my painting well its evidently about love. Enough said! Done!


  1. dear sandhya
    your painting
    its BEAUTIFUL and reflects your state of mind and space.
    flash more of your awesome work...hungry for more!

  2. Hey,

    Nice painting n yummy food..

    keep it going

  3. love your your cooking;) images make me too hungry...visually very impressive..I cant comment on the taste(hint hint) :) mail me sometime....

  4. Hey Sandhya!Loved the way your leaves look in the painting!