Friday, February 12, 2010

First entry; there is a need to leave a lasting impression

A new place and a new life. I'm still getting used to cooking without setting the smoke alarms off. I lost the passwords to my old blog, automatic sign in is not always a good idea especially when your comp catches a cold and you have to format it. So this is my new blog dedicated to food and painting. I try! So here it is, the first actual meal that I cooked for my husband. Exciting!

So I started the day with some strawberry and raspberry preserve (check out the fancy photography and no, I did not just rip this off of flickr). My cousin actually gave me this recipe when I visited her last. Its the easiest! Just dump the berries into a pan, a few squirts of lemon juice and add sugar. Let it all cook together. Ta Da!!! Ready to go on toast with some peanut butter.

Penne with a simple tangy basil, almonds and spinach sauce.

I even made a salad, just so that we can proudly say that we lead a healthy lifestyle! It was a mixed lettuce, cherry tomato, pecan and carrot salad, with red wine and raspberry vinaigrette and Dijon mustard.

For dessert I served a fudge brownie with peanut and raspberry mouse.

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