Sunday, February 28, 2010

Waffles and Paysam!

Yesterday was a busy day. The sun was out and everything seemed a litter brighter. I made the best waffles. Yes, they were made with a little help from some waffle mix but who said waffle mixes were bad. Archer Farms makes real mean waffle mixes. They are just right and like everything that tastes amazing, they melt in your mouth. In the evening I made some paysam. Amma had told me that it was an auspicious day and it would be nice to make some paysam. Since it's easier to get brown rice out here, I made some rice paysam. My best friend Mady would have probably screamed for joy because like me she too has this incredible love for paysams. Ah, I miss home so much sometimes, the smell of some foods just take you back. Paysam does that for me.

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