Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sick of bland food... Enter the Curry!

We got so so sick of eating bland food, I decided it was time to bring out the masalas. We were waiting for it to thaw outside sadly I can't pop the driveway into the microwave and hit defrost. I decided to make some chicken curry since the other day we picked up some naan from my favorite grocery store ever (Trader Joe's)! The chicken was fairly simple, just 2 chicken breasts chopped into chunks, some bell peppers, Eastern Chicken Masala, Methi, a table spoon of butter, an onion (chopped finely), three tomatoes (finely chopped), about 6 pearls of garlic (crushed), some hot sauce (because we wanted to kill ourselves with spicy food today), half a cup of tomato puree and a table spoon of sugar. I fried the the onions and garlic in the tablespoon of butter (trying hard to cut down on fat) and then tossed in the peppers, masala, methi and tomatoes. Then, I added the tomato puree, salt, sugar and hot sauce. Once this sauce gets cooked and the raw tomato taste goes away, add the chicken. Don't over cook the chicken as then it gets dry or rubbery. You don't really need to add water as the chicken, tomatoes and puree all have enough water content to leave you with enough gravy but you can add a little more if you want.
I even made a bit of carrot and onion raita. All I used for this was chat masala, onions, grated carrots and yogurt. DONE!

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